Residentail Eviction Process

Stage 1 - Letter Stage (Rent Arrears)

This is the first thing that Apex Advisory Does. This method will prompt the tenant to react and open a dialogue.  It also Clearly outlines the cost and CCJ the tenant could end up with. This is a 7 day Letter and if there is no response, a Section 8 or Section 21 Notice is issued. 

Stage 2/3 - Court Action

If the Letter and Notice has been Ignored, you are advised to start court proceedings. 75% of tenants usually leave at stage 1. So if the letters been ignored your likely to be going to court. At this stage 50% of tenants will leave when the proceedings start or on the date of possession  to avoid facing the County Court Bailiffs.

Stage 4 - Instructing Bailiffs

Some tenants will disregard what the court has decided and some will get told by local authorities not to leave until the bailiffs get there.  This is when bailiffs have to be instructed.

Apex Advisory Services will do all this for you so you don`t have to worry